The mission of our church is to make disciples who love, serve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All the elements of our church are geared towards fulfilling this mission. Some of our goals the strive from our mission include the followign:

  • We want to provide a worship experience that inspires people to worship God not only in the  service, but throughout the week.
  • We strive to provide an exciting children’s ministry that is fun, safe and conveys the Gospel to kids.
  • We want to be a light to our community through love and service.
  • We desire to raise leaders who lead in their families, in their workplaces and in their small groups.
  • We want to create a community filled with deep relationships the drive spiritual growth.
  • We hope to create disciples hungry to walk with Jesus and leads other to Him.
  • We want to help people find their gifts and learn how to utilize them.
  • We want to build the kingdom by partnering with other churches and sending people to plant new ones.